Phytosanitary Clinic


Manager: Prof. Dr. Paulo Estevão de Souza
Lead technician: Rute Emília de Oliveira

The plant health clinic of the Department of Plant Pathology is recognized and accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) as Center for Diagnosis. Its goal is to diagnose phytossanitary problems that occur in the field. It has a sector designated to receive, register samples and deliver the obtained results. After receiving, a preliminary study is performed for the cases of simple and evident diagnosis. For more complex cases, a triage is performed and samples delivered to the specific labs (Micology, Bacteriology, Vilorogy or Nematology or the Department of Entomology). The Phytossanitary clinic is located in the Department of Plant pathology, which facilitates the interaction of the team member specialists. It has also a trained employee for customer reception, carry on of samples and conduct the routine evaluation and diagnosis. We have given support to the analysis of plant material to be imported and due to the large amount of samples, the Clinic facilitie have recently been remodeled with enlarged facilities, new equipements and specially the implementation of quality control rules. The Clinic is also an open opportunity for student training in internships on diagnosis and also the closer proximity to growers and governmental technicians from the state IMA and federal MAPA agencies. The extension nature of the clinic brings about the research demands for research such as the need to develop fast-to-use and reliable diagnosis kits, new methodologies, all of which are being developed by master’s and PhD students of our Graduation program.