Laboratório de Fisiologia do Parasitismo


Prof. Dr. Mário Lúcio Vilela de Resende

In the Plant-Pathogen Interaction Lab we perform biochemical analyses using chromatography, for the analysis of defense-related compounds from the plant secondary metabolism, and spectrometry, for the analysis of free radicals and proteins involved in plant defense. Molecular analyses are also performed in the lab, which include gene expression analysis of plant defense-related genes. The lab is allocated in two rooms and is equipped with rotary evaporators, sample disintegrator, biosafety and chemical hoods, incubators, refrigerators, freezers, ultra-freezer, lyophilizer, refrigerated centrifuge, water baths, microwave, spectrophotometer with temperature control for microplates, shakers, PCR thermocyclers, electrophoresis apparatus, dissecting scopes, microscopes, portable chlorophyll (SPAD) and photosynthesis meters (IRGA), among other equipments. Also, the lab has extension facilities for in vivo experiments: two greenhouses and a growth chamber (Phytotron). The scientific research performed in this lab receives financial support from a variety of grants.